Saturday, July 17, 2004

Help! I've found a pet rat!

I was at the Dingle tonight with a friend and we found a rat that is OBVIOUSLY not a wild rat and it has obviously been dumped because it was in the middle of the Dingle park. She came right up to me and didn't run away, so we gave her some bird seed and she set right in to eat it while my friend drove away to get a cat carrier. She's here at home with me right now - hence the pictures below. But I can't keep her for obvious reasons ( uh - 4 dogs and 3 cats - all who would like to have a nice breakfast of white and beige rat... )

I've called her Mrs. Dingle, she's obviously starving because she hasn't stopped eating since we found her. Sunflower seeds seem to be a big hit and she likes applies too. I have her in a large cat carrier with blankets right now and she's safe from the other animals. She's very sweet. She's also got sores on her back from I don't know what.

Mrs. Dingle looking at me Posted by Hello

Mrs. Dingle Posted by Hello


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  3. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Hi, I emailed you saturday to say I would take her, I do rat rescue. you can contact me at

  4. Anonymous8:23 AM

    It warms our hearts to know you took in Mrs. dingle when she found you. We rescued an obviously not wild rat, too from a park here in Burnaby, BC. He's been with us a year and is a great little guy, loves to be held and petted. The sores on Mrs. Dingle's back are probably ticks that have burrowed deep. That's probably why she's skinny as well. Our Barney had them
    from being in the woods. I held him and washed him under the tap with warm water and tick shampoo for cats, while my partner plucked the ticks off with tweezers. He cried a lot!
    He bit, too because he was so scared. You might want to get a vet to do it. Mrs. Dingle is a very pretty rat. I hope someone in your area takes her in. What are the dodo's who abandon pet rats in parks thinking?! They'll just starve to death or get eaten (here by coyotes) or hawks. Good luck & hats off to you for your good sense and kindness.

    Miz Marool

  5. Anonymous8:30 AM

    P.S. Rats normally shouldn't be kept solo because, like dogs, they are very social (usually). So, until you find her a home,
    please pick her up and stroke her. Under the chin is often a favorite spot. They really need affection, ESPECIALLY if they are alone. In return, often they'll lick you (kisses) and brux and boggle when they're happy (teeth grinding and eye popping). It look very funny! If she has ticks, which it sounds like she's probably in great distress. You're right - rats LOVE sunflower seeds. As well, they'll eat whatever we eat (but should not have sugar.) Again, good for you!!