Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Mia the Shepherd Mix

Mia the shepherd mix was removed from my dogs of Seaview Yahoo photos page tonight. Her male owner took a swipe at Daisy. Neither of her owners understands dog behaviour obviously. I'm so tired of it. This city's dog culture is so anti-dog interaction it's really becoming ridiculous. If you don't want your dog interacting with other dogs - why do you take them to Seaview park which is a big open field? If you want a sniff and pass park - go to Point Pleasant Park or Shubie Park or Hemlock Ravine - don't go to Seaview Park. If you want to throw the ball for your dog - don't do it right next to a pack of dogs who are playing - they're going to think that the dog who is running and chasing after the ball you've just thrown is trying to start a chase. And what you're thinking is that the dog is about to attack your dog. They're not about to attack your dog - idiot - they're trying to start to play with your dog. So take your dog, and take your ball - and go down to the other end of the park and play with your dog by yourself, which is what you want to do anyway! And don't bother me and my dogs anymore! My dog is not aggressive, but I'm starting to become a little bit! Especially when you start taking a swing at my dog! Daisy has already had 8 stitches in the back of her head because of idiots like you - the next sentient being who gets stitches will not be her. And I'm not an idiot.

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