Wednesday, April 7, 2004

So Daisy had her head sliced by a guy who didn't want his dog playing with other dogs. That's what we think happened anyway.

After we got home from Seaview I was scratching Daisy's head and felt something gooey. She had a big hole - a tear in the back of her head. Somehow she has gotten a tear a little more than 2 inches wide right through to her skull. I don't know how she could have done it. I'm really worried that they guy who was hollering at the dogs that had the chocolate lab did it with his dogs leash because he was hitting dogs with the leash and I'm worried he could have been doing other things. It is a really bad slice.

So I have a franken-dog right now, poor Daisy. They had to put her to sleep to give her stitches. She's got about 8 stitches in her head and the top of her head is shaved. I haven't been able to get a picture of it yet. I'd say the stuff they gave her to wake her up from the anaesthesia has her bit wired. She's just been pacing since we got home.

But the consensus is that it was from the metal end of a leash. I saw the guy swing at Daisy but I didn't see the leash - but I wasn't really paying attention because I was just walking up the hill arriving, as were Daisy and my other dogs. I was paying more attention to greeting the people I see every night. Other people saw him swinging the leash at dogs - so everything is circumstantial. And we all heard him hollering and swearing at us - that's for sure! But then of course we hollered back at him! So if the guy ever comes back to Seaview whenever any of the more butchy men who were there last night are there, he may find himself in a heap of trouble. He has been to Seaview before and is supposedly a military police officer. So he's a real goombbaa it sounds like. I'm not going to mess with him anyway.

I know that I'll be keeping a much closer eye on the dogs from now on. I guess I was just taking it too much for granted since I was there at the same time every night and all the dogs knew each other and all the humans knew each other that the place was completely safe. No place is completely safe, unfortunately. It could just have easily been Buttercup. She barks like crazy at new dogs. If he would have swung at Buttercup like he did at Daisy - she'd be dead right now. No doubt about it.

But Daisy's going to be perfect - she'll just look like Friar Tuck for a little while! Luckily the skin underneath is black like her fur, so you don't really notice there's no hair. But she must have one hell of a headache! I'm glad I am not her tonight!

This is what M said about it: So glad to hear Daisy is recovering nicely from this horrible incident. Daisy is very, very lucky to have you to attend to her needs so quickly and responsibly. No-one can prevent all bad things from happening, as much as we'd like to. How one responds to incidents like this shows the true mettle of a person; and Joan, you were nothing but concern, care and love. SO STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP! :)

This is what E: Daisy is so fortunate to have you; all your dogs are. And our dogs too because of the caring ideas and advice that you share. And than you "mentor" this Group so that we can all share, from which I'm sure that the ideas we learn here get spread to our other contacts in life too. Look at the wonderful influence you are having to make this world a better place!

Including, I hope, some pricks of influence on P Duffy. Good for you - I really liked your response to him. (Note the use of word "prick"; somehow it just seemed the word to use...)

A thought has been with me since you started the wondering how Daisy could have such an injury and not seem to notice it. It feels so sad but perhaps that is because in her life Before Rescue she had injuries which were never noticed or treated and so she came to expect that situation concerning all her hurts.

Caring so much, E