Thursday, April 15, 2004

from the The Austin Pets Alive! No-Kill Handbill - I subscribe to their daily newsletter because I think it's a really neat idea that I think would be helpful to do here. It would take a lot of energy though. And a lot of connection. At the bottom of each newsletter it says the following:

"Euthanasia" is by definition, an applicable term only for those who are killed for reason of terminal illness. Animals who are killed because they are homeless, have behavior problems, or are unwanted, are not, by definition, "euthanized". In that context, this word will always be changed to [killed].

Because pets are sentient beings, Austin Pets Alive! does not believe they can be owned in the sense that an inanimate object can be owned. Therefore, the word "owner" in this context will always be changed to [guardian].

At the top they state very clearly that they are working towards being no kill, but that they do kill in their shelter:

Supporting the No-Kill Millennium - a thousand years without killing our friends.

Austin Pets Alive!'s Randall's charity ID number is 8858.

Austin kills an average of 29 dogs and cats at the Town Lake Animal Center every day.

Austin Pets Alive!
Supporting the No-Kill Millennium
The No-Kill Millennium Comprehensive Plan:

They do their mailout via a free mailing list provider which is at:

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