Sunday, April 18, 2004

The Chronicle Herald Published my Peter Duffy Rant!

Sunday, April 18, 2004 The Halifax Herald Limited

Dog days

Re: Peter Duffy's "Hindsight" column in which he talks about dogs as man's former best friend, and legislating all dogs to wear muzzles in public (The Sunday Herald, April 4).

Muzzling dogs is not the answer to dogs biting. Statistics show that the vast majority of dog bites do not happen like the tragic (for the dog, because he was killed) recent case in Clayton Park. They happen in the home with dogs that the people know, or by dogs that are unattended and are approached by people the dogs feel threatened by, for whatever reason.

Muzzling also makes dogs feel frustrated and threatened, and can create a dangerous dog just by putting one on. And if we legislate all dogs to wear muzzles, how many people will stop training their dogs to be good members of society because they THINK they are safe? We know that dog bites happen most often in the home - and muzzles are off at home.

Mr. Duffy may believe he has all the answers to life's questions, but on this topic I really wish he'd educate himself on what the questions are that he should be asking.

Dogs have nothing to do with all the bad things that are happening to them. It's their owners' laziness, and lack of love and training that have everything to do with all the dog bites and fear-mongering that is going on in the media today. And I, for one, am sick of it.

Joan Sinden, Halifax

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