Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A chewy rawhide or other treats, a Kong, rubber ball, or a fuzzy cat toy goes a LONG way for a homeless animal at Town Lake Animal Center. Make a furry friend's day and the long hours in a cage or kennel a little easier. TLAC could use newspapers to line cages, chew toys, cat toys, towels or blankets. Donation items can be left in a bin inside the front door of the Davenport Building. Call TLAC at 512-972-4738 if you have any questions about donations for the animals.

Making toys for the animals is a great activity for Boy/Girl Scout troops, birthday parties and school projects and is a great way to teach youth about animal welfare and issues. As a volunteer at TLAC, I once met with a small group attending the birthday party of a sincere, animal-loving 8 year old girl. It began with a slumber party the night before, where the girls had fun making cat toys. At the birthday girl's request, her friends brought treats for the animals in lieu of gifts for her. They arrived on Saturday morning with their bags of goodies for the animals. After a short presentation about responsible pet ownership, we made a tour of part of the shelter where the girls gave their presents to the very grateful TLAC animals. Great idea, huh?!

If you know a scout troop, pass ideas like this along. If you're looking for useful projects, contact me and I can offer some suggestions. I also have instructions for goodie bags for shelter animals that I can send to you. Even ones for the rabbits!

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