Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anti-Cruelty Charges Pending Against Celtic Pets

Please read before you read this entry so that you can read the end of the story first...

So I've Spent quite a bit of today talking to people and thinking about the seizure of the animals yesterday from Celtic Pets. There's been several comments left on my posting from yesterday, and people have been really quick on my rescue lists to condemn Zonda who had previously supported her because of the news that's come out in the last 24 hours - the NS SPCA is veritably jubilant in what's going on currently.

If you missed the Global News Report tonight - I taped it, and put it on You Tube - here it is:

There are some things about it that are very troubling, and some things about it that are very questionable. One thing is that there's a really short shot of a dog snapping out of a cage - I think that is one of Zonda's personal dogs - a dog named Charlie - who is a dog like my Teddy (dog rest his soul) - a dog that wouldn't be alive except for the fact that someone in rescue adopted him. Charlie is a horrible, hateful biter who hates everyone in the world except for Zonda. He has to be drugged to just have his nails trimmed - forget about trying to give him a bath.

So if they removed EVERY dog from the premises - then they probably ALSO removed Zonda's PERSONAL dogs - of which she has about 10.

So there are SO many sides to every story.

Maybe the best thing that could happen to this is that cruelty charges are brought so that Zonda can clear her name for once and for all - in a court of law - instead of continually living in an air of suspicion.

But I for one am not going to jump on the band wagon and believe what the NS SPCA is telling me carte blanche. That is for sure. I've been listening to what they've been saying for years - and their language is never spoken in plain english - and it's certainly not being spoken in that way today - that is for sure. I can assure you of that.


  1. Marjorie11:27 AM

    Stories like this just keep coming. It's partially why I'm not willing to be closely associated with anyone I don't personally know extremely well...and for many years. Even then...

    Funny enough, I was recently discussing this very kind of situation, concerning another (dog) rescue. I hadn't been inside, so I didn't know the conditions in which the dogs were kept (so I hoped for the best). But the exterior of the property hinted at long-term neglect. And this was supposed to be a rescue organization!

    More recently, Vivian Singer and Kris Crawford come to mind. A number of animal rescuers, shelter workers, animal control officers, veterinary technicians, and veterinarians: they've all been accused of some very unsavoury things.

    You know, Joan, I've met countless people over the years. Some of them have seemed incredibly kind, on the surface. Then, I've come to find they keep their pets in horrible conditions, or are incredibly irresponsible in their care. And it reconfirms the wariness I've developed over the years. It's why I don't allow anyone access to my dog(s) without my direct supervision. People think all kinds of abusive and inappropriate acts are acceptable ways to deal with dogs. ...Especially when they think no one's looking. I make sure I'm there to protect them because you just don't know what people are like behind closed doors.

  2. Crueltyiswrongnomatterwhat!8:18 PM

    I find what you are saying very shocking. If they ARE her personal dogs the conditions they were living in are still unacceptable. I have seen them all and I know that she thought what she was doing was right, and maybe if they were living in better condtions this wouldn't have needed to be done. And she would leave the house where the animals were with just food on a table for cats with no clean water besides the sewage waste they were in to drink from. And she'd leave them like that for days on end with out returning to refeed them. And as for the dog that is snapping... that's very common for extremely matted animals to act, i've seen it hundreds of times. Granted he is going to have to be groomed because you can't even see his eyes, but he can be sedated to do that and i'm sure he'll feel like a million bucks when he's cleaned up. Have you ever worked at a shelter? You only know what you hear from people and what the news says. I hear everything. And I know what to believe cause my heart tells me that this was not right for her to do. And now rumors are going around that she's trying to get them back and so the spca has to take measures to essure nothing goes bad. Because they've had major incidents before with people stealing their animals back and staff members getting injured. And they definetly don't get paid enough to deal with all that. So thank you for potsing the video, but i think you need to maybe check your morals or go ask if you can smell those cats, cause everyone i have talked to has either vomited or gagged at the fecal scent coming from those cats.